Friday, June 9

Emily Summers’ Design Tips


A noted collector of art and antiques, interior designer Emily Summers brings that passion to her furnishing and décor selections—many one of a kind—at For Home. The Texas native is nationally recognized for refined interiors that reflect a deep knowledge of contemporary art and architecture. Her Dallas-based firm has consulted on projects ranging from the penthouse of W Victory and a Jackson Hole guest house to the interiors of the Wyly Theatre and Winspear Opera House. Summers has been named to the Architectural Digest AD100 list every year since 2007.

6_9_17-blog-es2Install dimmers on all lighting.  Soft, warm adjustable light lets you enhance the room to make it more inviting.  Try to stay away from bright light, especially overhead light.  The small investment in dimmers is well worth it.

In a bathroom, a pair of sconces flanking the sink at eye level on a mirror is the most flattering and beautiful solution.

6_9_17-blog-es3Our preferred “white” paints, depending on how neutral, warm or cool we need to specify, are Benjamin Moore OC-59 Vanilla Milkshake, OC-45 Swiss Coffee and OC-26, Silver Satin.

Request samples of everything. Organize by room and reference often.


Every chair needs a side table. A place for coffee and our phones.

I see lots of rooms with every piece of furniture up on legs. Some pieces should extend to the floor; they anchor furniture arrangements. Too many legs and the furniture looks like it might all run away.


Create traffic flow drawings before laying out furniture. Don’t create unnecessary corners with rugs or furniture. Invite people into a room by providing a subtle path.

Small cords and trim make a big difference. We often use cord on furniture bases, seams, and cushion detailing. I suggest Samuel & Sons ¼” Cambridge Cord – many color options small sizes.


Take your time. A finely tuned space requires adjustments and sequential decision making. Rushing requires compromises.

It takes longer and costs more to replace a mistake than to wait for the right piece the first time.

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