Thursday, November 10

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Wednesday, May 18

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Friday, March 25

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03_25_16 This Just In

03_25_16 This Just In

Tuesday, November 24

tasty tuesday

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This holiday season, treat yourself! Come see us in the T Room for a slice (or two) of our flourless chocolate cake.

Tuesday, November 10

tasty tuesday

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Treat yourself to a sweet treat with our new fall flavors from Joy Macarons – pumpkin bourbon & cranberry orange!

Tuesday, October 6

tasty tuesday

2010-11-01 21.30.09Come in and try our new Fall Specials. The Crustless Quiche, seasonal vegetables, served with mixed greens, is becoming one of our favorites!

Tuesday, September 15

tasty tuesday

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Fall is in the air, and we are excited about the T Room’s fall specials. Especially the ‘T Room TEAquila’ made with Casa Dragones Blanco Tequila, fresh lime juice, agave nectar, house iced tea, garnished with orange and mint.

Tuesday, September 1

tasty tuesday

2010-09-27 23.08.56


Stop into the T Room to try one our signature seasonal vegetarian quiches, served with mixed greens.

Tuesday, August 18

tasty tuesday

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Join us for lunch in the T Room and enjoy a Green Goddess Salad, a bowl of Tortilla Soup and a Tuna Melt!

Tuesday, August 4

tasty tuesday



The Avocado Toast from the T Room is always a classic and never disappoints the taste buds!