Friday, May 31

friends & family: suzanne droese

As the Principal of DroesePR and a mother of two boys, Suzanne Droese knows a thing or two about a busy schedule – and how to manage it all in style.  Today, she’s giving us a peek at what’s on her current wish list.

Thursday, May 30

my two cents: brian bolke


Greetings from Los Angeles!

A wonderful trip to LA always is a great reset. This weekend was perfect weather. Of course! And here is what I loved…

A berry frappe on the patio at The Ivy.

The gorgeously redone Rem Koolhaas Prada superstore on Rodeo.

The superbly curated Just One Eye, with extraordinary art by Damien Hirst and Takashi Murakami. Wow.

The charming Heath Ceramics store on Beverly.

Glad to be home, but LA, you had me for a few days. California dreaming…

Wednesday, May 29

all about: pink punch


When the warm weather rolls around, we start to move our colorful pieces to the front of our closets. It’s our summer motto: the brighter the better. This week’s favorite? Pink. From electric pink pants to a fuchsia handbag, we’ve got just what you need to brighten up your summer wardrobe.

Tuesday, May 28


We can’t think of a better way to welcome summer than with our annual sale. From summer wardrobe staples (like this floral Moschino dress) to home accents, this is a sale you won’t want to miss!

Friday, May 24

friends & family: reed robertson

We’re so excited to welcome our newest Sales Associate and Men’s Specialist, Reed Robertson, to our Forty Five Ten family. Today, he’s letting us in on his summer essentials.

Thursday, May 23

my two cents: brian bolke

Last week, The CFDA did a great job hosting a lunch at the W, bringing to Dallas a talented group of young designers on a national tour to really see retailers and clients, and to really learn the business. Bravo to the CFDA for challenging the next generation to really learn outside a New York box.

The lunch was quite lovely, and Dallas fashion folk turned out in force. My favorite was a young designer, Arielle Shapiro, of the line Ari Dein. I loved her because she looks like Liv Tyler, AND she is super talented. More important, she has a great point of view, and is primarily a lingerie/loungewear designer. I loved her passion, and her old fashioned but still modern sensibility. Really charming.

Nice to see how excited these designers were to be here. It’s easy to forget why people dream of being in the fashion business once you are in it. I’m glad they came.

Wednesday, May 22

the essentials: memorial day

Everybody knows that summer (un)officially starts with Memorial Day. Whether you’re staying put or headed out of town, we’ve got everything you need to spend the holiday in style.

Monday, May 20

this just in: five favorites


We’re kicking off the new week with a mix of our favorite prints (plaids and florals have never looked chicer) and a couple of colorful favorites – this electric yellow leather jacket from Balenciaga is a must-have.

Friday, May 17

friends & family: sharon young

Today, we’re chatting with one of our favorites: Sharon Young. She’s got such an eye for style, and we’re so happy she’s here today to share her spring favorites with us.

Thursday, May 16

my two cents: brian bolke

The Stella McCartney store in Dallas did a lovely spring fashion presentation on what may be the last beautiful day this spring. I loved the way the models were incorporated into the party, and guests were encouraged to take flowers home.

Very civilized!