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Ashish, J.W. Anderson, Joseph, Natasha Zinko, MM6 Maison Margiela | Images courtesy

Each season, our favorite British designers continue to raise the creative stakes, and this September was no exception. Mesmerizing prints, fluid silhouettes and striking volume dominated London Fashion Week. We’re already wishing next spring was here.

Tuesday, September 22

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Proenza Schouler, Delpozo, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, and Derek Lam | Images courtesy

Clothes should always tell a story, and the Spring 2016 runways did not disappoint. Marc Jacobs’ ode to America was punctuated with cinematic 40’s-inspired suits, and Givenchy’s meditation on 9/11 was equally impressive. For spring, fashion enthusiasts can look forward to volume, texture and vibrant palettes. Prepare to swoon!

Tuesday, February 24

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“The Best for Last”
A remarkably ho hum New York Fashion Week (is black really the new black?) ended on a high note with Marc Jacobs. He channeled his theatrical thrills into an ode to Diana Vreeland. More, meet more. It was chic, opulent, slightly severe, but all around gorgeous. Fashion with a capital “F”. And it made you love the artistry in these most desired clothes. Favorite fact? Every look had closed toe shoes and gloves, but he made sure every model had a perfect ladylike manicure and pedicure. It’s all in the details…

Thursday, January 22

my two cents: brian bolke


Like the rest of the world, I waited almost breathlessly for the much-anticipated debut of John Galliano for Maison Margiela. He balanced audacity and restraint, artisanal skills and simplicity, but ultimately it was a passion for craft that came through. The Easter Island inspired faces referenced his own demons. This was unmistakably John Galliano, yet respectful of the house that is known for understatement. What a pairing. I’m proud of the fashion world allowing this artist a second chance. It was the fashion system that led to his self destruction four years ago, and his voice has been missed in a world more and more about conformity. Here is to a beautiful future for the house and the man.

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