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Save the date – Ashley Longshore Pop-Up Gallery



If you don’t know Ashley Longshore, prepare to be bowled over—by color, by sparkle, by gale-force personality. The bawdy, pop-culture-obsessed artist has a body of work as wide as her fan base, which ranges from celebrity collectors Blake Lively, Eli Manning, and Penelope Cruz to the 70,000 followers of her joyfully profane Instagram account @ashleylongshoreart. Our pop-up installations in Dallas and Houston will include paintings (Jesus wears Gucci), sculpture (a side-table-sized champagne cork), prayer candles (one for Anna Wintour), Lucite trays, highball glasses, napkins, porcelain plates, beaded pouches and anything else she can think of to splash with color and pop-culture references.

Read on for her one-on-one interview with Michelle Padgett, Take Ten contributor and editor of the Joule publication 1530 Main.



Meet Ashley Longshore, the pop artist with a sailor’s mouth, a taste for the high life—Veuve, diamonds, Vuitton, et al.—and an upcoming pop-up shop at For Home Forty Five Ten. We chatted with the New Orleans-based painter at Mirador over a bit of bubbly, naturally.

You grew up in the South, went to an all-girl boarding school, studied theater…you could’ve become a very different person.

Damn right. So could you. So could anybody. I was raised in Montgomery, Alabama to be a trophy wife and join Junior League. I mean, my mom did French hand-sewing. I literally had my initials monogrammed on my underwear until I hit puberty. And I decided I don’t fucking like this. 

Your first gallery show was in Montana, where you attended college. How’d you end up all the way out there?

I needed to get of the South. I’ve always craved what’s different. As an artist, it’s my job to put myself in uncomfortable situations. I love to go to Europe for a month and paint—that ain’t easy. I have to buy paint and canvases, and I don’t speak French, man. But those are the experiences that push me.

You went for a degree in English, but ended up painting instead.

I’ve had creative interests since I was a child, but the day I picked up a brush, I lost myself. I saw a lot of famous male artists making millions and I thought, why can’t I?

Indeed. You’ve hit some million-dollar milestones, written a book, and scored some great press mentions along the way. Was there a particular moment when you thought, “Ok, I’ve made it.” 

When the bank gave me money to buy my house. Like, I have a termite bond—seriously grown-up.

You recently posted a video celebrating the freedom of being an American woman. Was that in response to those rights being threatened?

I’ve learned that no matter what energy is around you, if you’re smart, you’ll take it and thrust it back into something that’s positive. When you’re brave enough to put yourself out there, especially as an artist, people may judge you, buy your stuff, or poke fun at you. What’s important is that you love yourself. If I love me and my life, it doesn’t matter who the president is or how much money is in my bank account. Isn’t that the essence of being free? If you tell me all the reasons why I can’t do something, I’ll tell you all the reasons I can. If I’m in that mindset, I can tap into all the opportunities I have as an American woman and an entrepreneur.

How did the pop-up at For Home come about?

I had done a big packaging collab with Clé de Peau Beauté that included press tours in Shanghai and Tokyo. They’d never done a trunk show with one of their artists in the U.S., so we headed to Dallas. I went to Forty Five Ten and bought that big, red, heart-shaped Saint Laurent fur coat. Brian [Bolke, president of Forty Five Ten] said he just had to meet who bought that piece.

You hit it off?

As a consumer, I’m starved for boutique experiences. That’s how I set up my own company. I don’t work with galleries. I work one-on-one with clients. When Brian approached me, it was like perfect synergy. I mean, at Forty Five Ten I feel like I’m at Dover Street Market in Japan. Plus, Brian’s clients are amazing.

You’re bringing a ton of things into the store: art pieces, plates, trays…

And the gemstone rugs, which are brand new! Aside from my own studio in New Orleans, Forty Five Ten will be the first place to see them. The store will also be the first place to see my sculptures: a four-foot-tall champagne cork, huge chairs stuffed with shredded money, a massive tube of lipstick…  Everything will be limited-edition and hand-signed. Every piece is art.

And it’s all very you.

I love being surrounded by color, sparkle, and things I can play with. It’s funny to see how many people feel the same damn way. My studio is packed with visitors taking photos who don’t want to leave because they’re so happy. My world is a world of honesty, enthusiasm, and glitter—and that’s what I want to bring to Dallas.

Your work glorifies excess and wealth, but is it also a criticism?

Well, shit yeah. But this is America. This is where anything can happen. If you want a Bentley, work hard and get a Bentley. I like to have fun! I love grandeur! Drama, drama, drama! But let me tell you, that’s not where my joy is. My joy is being able to take all my best friends to dinner and have all the Champagne and food on the table. I love these incredible moments where we’re laughing our asses off, playing hide-and-seek in a hotel suite, putting on spa robes and streaking the lobby of the Four Seasons… Those moments make me happy. The money doesn’t define me. And you know why? Because I’ve been broke as shit. I’ve painted in the dark and know what it’s like to have nothing.

Your plate is really full. Are you ever stressed?

You’re damn right I’m fucking stressed. But I love that. It’s a catalyst for me. I take all that energy and turn it into action. In the world, you can be a peacock, a sparrow, a pussycat, a lioness—whatever you are, you’re going to do what you can to survive.

What are you?

I’m a lioness. I go after things. When I want something, I manifest the shit out of it to make it happen.

If you thrive off stress, does that mean you’re a daredevil?

Hell no. This arm is my money-maker. I’m scared to even put more jewelry on this arm. Though I might risk more.


You’re going to get tendonitis from all the jewels.

I welcome it.

The Details Longshore returns to Dallas September 15 for the opening of her pop-up shop at For Home Forty Five Ten, 4510 McKinney Avenue. 

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Meet me at Copper Bar


We’re not suggesting you shouldn’t celebrate your latest shopping score with a glass of Veuve, Moët or Dom. We’re just giving you more options. Copper Bar at Forty Five Ten on Main unveils its expanded menu this week, adding seasonal light bites (a mini quiche, cauliflower-crust flatbread) to the selection of pastries, cookies and other mood-boosting treats.  One notable newcomer: Cindy’s Margarita, a pour of Casa Dragones tequila, fresh lime and agave nectar named for creator Cindy Rachofsky.

Tuesday, August 8

For Home: David Sutherland


With showrooms in Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston, David Sutherland is a go-to source for design professionals across the country. The For Home Forty Five Ten curation spotlights his core lines, Sutherland (teak furniture) and Perennials (indoor-outdoor fabrics). Also in the mix: an estate-authorized cast of John Dickinson’s iconic African side table, and a selection of porcelain vases from Sutherland’s own private collection. Fun fact: The T Room’s teak patio furniture was created by Sutherland especially for Forty Five Ten.




4510 McKinney Avenue,
Dallas, Texas
Store Hours:
Monday through Saturday
10 until 6PM

Monday, July 31

Forty Five Ten arrives in Napa Valley


Tequila toasts in Napa Valley? Only if the tequila is Casa Dragones Joven, and the toaster is Brian Bolke, raising a glass to the first Forty Five Ten outside of Texas. The 865-square-foot store, unveiled July 27 at a VIP preview party co-hosted by designer and event planner Ken Fulk, interior designer Jay Jeffers and arts patron Cindy Rachofsky, is housed in a cottage-like brick building just steps from Chef Thomas Keller’s famed Yountville restaurants, Bouchon, The French Laundry and Ad Hoc. A post-party dinner in the barn of the Rachofsky’s summer home was catered by Ad Hoc.

Among the evening’s prominent guests: Chef Keller, Vintner’s Daughter founder April Gargiulo, fashion designer Adam Lippes, and Heretic Parfums founder Douglas Little, Paul Pelosi and Alexis Swanson Traina. Ten percent of the evening’s sales benefitted Bay Area Legal Aid, which provides free bilingual legal assistance to seniors, immigrants and low-income residents of the Bay Area.

Forty Five Ten Napa Valley, 6540 Washington Street, Yountville, CA, 707-346-4510

Open 7 days a week, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.



Brian Bolke, Ken Fulk, Cindy Rachofsky, Jay Jeffers


Rachofsky’s summer home


Douglas Little & Jodi Lyn O’Keefe | Cindy & Howard Rachofsky | Ken Fulk & Nicky Naylor


Michael Purdy, Bob & Maria Torres | Casa Dragones Tequila | Adam Lippes & Faisal Halum


April Gargiulo & Josie Frenchman | Alexis Traina, Brian Bolke & Paul Pelosi | Alison Birdwell & Lauren Ford


Thomas Keller

Beauty Crush: Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum


April Gargiulo—who, by the way, is not merely the daughter of a vintner, she actually runs the family winery—designed Active Botanical Serum to be “the one product you can’t live without.” We’re not the only ones who think she met the goal. Words like “miraculous,” incredible,” “skin-changing” and “fully lives up to the hype,” pepper reviews from Vanity Fair, W, Elle and Racked to the Man Repeller and Ms. GOOP herself, Gwyneth Paltrow.

The multi-correctional face oil packs in a spectrum of vitamins, fatty acids and wild-crafted, nutrient-dense botanicals. Equally important is what it leaves out: inactive fillers and widely used but questionable ingredients like parabens, phthalates, sulfates and PEFs. The scent is subtle and vaguely green, like fresh-cut flowers.

All of which makes Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum a daily go-to—and April one of our Rare Beauty heroes. Read on for her personal Napa Valley tip sheet.



Meadowood This is a Napa Valley classic with the most beautiful grounds, pools, spa and hiking trails. We just did a staycation there recently and didn’t want to leave.

Auberge du Soleil Hidden in the hill above Rutherford, Auberge is the perfect romantic hideaway for couples looking for privacy and luxury.

Indian Springs A throwback to a bygone era when people would come to Calistoga to take the waters. The minerals-rich spring water is said to cure everything from eczema to asthma.

Calistoga Ranch Uber luxe and discreet. This is the ultimate Napa Valley destination retreat.



Gargiulo Vineyards My family winery in the heart of Oakville. We make limited bottlings of single vineyard, estate Cabernet Sauvignon. By appointment only, so call ahead and drop my name.

Promontory Winery Harlan Estate’s newest property boasts Howard Backen architecture and beautiful Napa Valley wines.

Gemstone Close friends own and run this family winery in Yountville, just down the street from Forty Five Ten.

Vine Trail Napa Valley’s answer to NYC’s High Line, the Vine Trail is a 43-mile hiking and biking trail that winds its way through the valley.

Mondavi Concert Series During summer the Mondavi Winery hosts national acts on the lawn for a super intimate and fun summer night.



Miminashi New Japanese izakaya in downtown Napa with great cocktails and even better soft-serve ice cream.

Acacia House Top Chef winner Chris Cosentino’s new restaurant—that no one can stop talking about.

Southside Café Hidden away in a nondescript strip mall, Southside is a super casual diner with some of the best food in the valley.

Kelly’s Filling Station & Wine Shop Don’t let the gas-station exterior fool you, Kelly’s makes a mean latte and scones that people line up for.



Forty Five Ten Everyone I know has been counting down the days until the July 28 opening. Now we can finally shop!

Martin Design Interior designer and hometown girl Erin Martin’s shop offers the most beautiful edit of everything from homeware to custom-designed furniture. Fair warning: you will want it all.

Oxbow Public Market This is Napa’s version of Seattle’s Pike Place Market and the place to buy the very freshest, locally sourced and grown goods.

Culinary Institute of America If you’re a cooking buff, this is the place to go. Housed in a historic winery, the CIA offers weekend classes and an incredible gift shop for the home chef.


Thursday, June 29

This is it! Up to 75% off


Call your nearest store for more information.

Forty Five Ten on Main 214-559-4510

TTH Forty Five Ten 214-252-0510

Forty Five Ten River Oaks 281-560-4510

*Terms & Conditions
Receive an extra 30% off all current markdowns from Monday, June 19 through Friday, June 30. We gladly accept returns of sale purchases for a full refund or exchange within 14 days with proof of purchase. Returned merchandise will only be accepted if unworn and with tags. No price adjustments on prior purchases. No returns on final sale merchandise, intimate apparel, cosmetics, epicure, altered and special order products. Forty Five Ten reserves the right to determine if returned merchandise is in saleable condition. Exclusions apply.

Red, white & blue jeans


Friday, June 23

La Dolce Vita: Insider’s guide to Sardinia


For almost two decades, Michelle Stein and her italian husband have shared a second home in Porto Rotondo on sardinia’s Costa Smeralda. click below for her tip sheet to some of the island’s more off–the-beaten-track villages and restaurants.

“There is just so much to see in experience in Sardegna, this is just a small peek into the beauty of the region.”

—Michelle Stein


Alghero is a wonderful city located on the west coast of the island. It was conquered by the Spanish Catalan and vestiges of this culture remain. Many of the older inhabitants still speak Catalan, and one of the region’s classic dishes is paella with fregola, the traditional, couscous-like Sardinian pasta. A favorite restaurant here is Al Tuguri. Villa Las Tronas is a spectacular hotel—set on a promontory overlooking the gulf and a short walk from the city’s center. Right outside of Alghero is Hotel El Faro, a seaside resort and spa built in the 1950s by Sardinian architect Antonio Simon Mossa and surrounded on three sides by the 12,000-acre nature reserve Porto Conte.


San Pantaleo is a charming village in the northeastern part of the island, near the Costa Smeralda. Once inhabited by expatriate artists, the village is a gathering spot for many visitors to the CS, particularly on market days. Petra Segreta is a lovely resort nearby, with individual stone guest cottages and a wellness center set in granite grotto. We also love La Sasima, an agriturismo or family farm that accepts a small number of guests. The restaurant offers roasted suckling pig and other traditional Sardinian fare), as well as local wine and farm-made cheeses, salami, and honey.


Cabras is an 11th-century village in the province of Oristano. There’s a wonderful trattoria there, Sa Bel E Crabasa. And don’t miss Museo Civico Giovanni Marongiu, a fascinating archeological museum with the extraordinary ancient sandstone sculptures known as the Giganti di Mont’e Prama, and the ruins from the prehistoric Phoenician settlement of Tharros.

The granite mountains and rock formations in the interior of Sardinia are spectacular. I love to spend the weekend at Hotel Su Gologone in Oliena, hiking and visiting the nearby towns. Sorgente di Su Gologone is an incredible natural spring located in the valley of Su Gologone. We also visit Dorgali, with its incredible Nuragic civilization stone monuments, and drive down the mountain to the seaside village of Cala Gonone, where we rent a gommone, a small rubber boat, and visit the coastline. Cala Luna is one of the most spectacular beaches in the world. You can also trek from Cala Gonone to Cala Luna.



Friday, June 16

La Dolce Vita: Insider’s guide to Florence


For almost 30 years, Nick Wooster has traveled to Florence each January and June for the international menswear fair, Pitti Uomo. Here’s where the Forty Five Ten Men’s Creative Director and street-style icon spends his time when he’s not scouting new talent, working a showroom, or reviewing a runway collection.


Depending on who’s paying, my first choice is J.K. Place Firenze. Of course, Zack Shumway [former Forty Five Ten menswear buyer]  is the one who introduced me to it. They have a location here and in the south of France. It’s the most f***ing chic-est place I’ve ever been. So beautiful and cool and un-Florence like. I literally ate every meal there the rest of the week. For me, that’s the secret to life: Listen to people who are experts. Pay attention.

On the other side is Hotel Santa Maria Novella. It’s like a four-star hotel masquerading as a five-star. It’s the best 300 euro you’re gonna get.


Michelangelo’s David truly is one of the most magnificent pieces of art that you can experience in life—created with nothing more than a hammer and chisel! The scale is just breathtakingly monumental. My favorite souvenirs in all Italy are the little David magnets or statues you find at the souvenir stands.

Another must is the Gucci Museum. It’s amazing. The history is beyond. The highlight is the Gucci Cadillac—a 1970 Seville Gucci-edition. There’s a whole Tom Ford room, and an amazing gift shop where you can buy handbags and books. It’s also a great spot for lunch or tea. It covers everything.


I’ve eaten in some amazing places, but I don’t really pay attention. At the end of the day, my default is room service. My favorite pizza is a place called La Bussola on via Portarossa 58R. I always, always, always order the pizza margherita.